PRO 6 PROEKT Ltd, Design of reinforced concrete and steel structures

"PRO 6 PROEKT" Ltd. was founded in 2011 and is the successor of the traditions and experiences of "PRO 6" Ltd, founded in 1997 in Varna.

Since its foundation the company is actively working on the construction design for industrial and public sector. With the professionalism of its team, the company ensures accurate, comprehensive and detailed solutions from initial idea to final realization of the project.

     PRO 6 Ltd. offers:

1. Preliminary studies.

2. Survey of construction sites.

3. Geological studies.

4. Geodetic measurements.

5. Developing investment projects.

6. Design of steel structures - detailed production drawings and specifications.

7. Design of reinforced concrete structures.

8. Supervision of the designed constructions.

9. Expert assessments. Consulting and technical assistance.

10. Authorization and adaptation of project documentations, developed abroad, according to the existing legislation in the field of construction in Bulgaria.